We are passionate benefits communication specialists.

30 years of effective benefits communication
from Fortune 500 to small business


"Do you only provide employee benefits communications services for large companies?"
We work with companies of all sizes. But no matter what size company you represent, give us a call. We'll discuss your needs and see what we can do to help.

"What experience does BeneCom offer?"
BeneCom began operations in 1992, and BeneCom's staff has more than
100 years of combined experience in employee benefits and employee communications. We know benefits and communications, and we bring that experience to every project.

"How does BeneCom get the work done?"
BeneCom functions like a general contractor. We create "virtual teams"
of individuals and companies across the country with the skills and expertise necessary to get each project done. Our employee benefits communication staff oversees the work of more than 150 designers, writers, printers, collators, fulfillment centers, internet specialists, etc. Our focus is managing these vendors to bring each project in on time and on budget, and that is exactly what we do.

"How do you manage increased workloads during busy seasons?"
While we'll admit to a few late nights and working weekends, BeneCom has built its reputation on excellent project management skills. Our project managers oversee the work of designers, writers, printers and internet specialists (to name a few!) across the country to exacting standards. These vendors have repeatedly proven their abilities to meet our stringent deadlines, and we have established strong, responsive relationships with them. As each open enrollment season approaches, they clear their decks and add extra employees, when necessary, to meet the demands of our business.

"How much do you charge per hour?"
How BeneCom bills for its work distinguishes it from other communication firms. Simply stated, we don't charge hourly fees. Instead, we initially estimate the cost of a project based on the type of work and expertise involved — essentially, what it will really take to get the job done. Once our clients and we have agreed upon a project's specifications, we finalize our estimate — and we guarantee it.

"What type of information do you generally need to know to provide an estimate on a project?"
We need to have a general idea of what you are looking to accomplish, including:

  • What needs to be communicated?
  • How many employees need to receive the communication?
  • What's the make-up of your population?
  • What's your timing?

Then our communication consultants will work with you to find answers to more in-depth questions.

"I don't have much of a budget. Is there a way that I can take a small step toward improving our employee benefits communications?"
There sure is. Many of our clients have found that something as simple and inexpensive as our Option 1 benefit statement goes a long way toward making benefits more visible and appreciated by employees. Not only do they really help employees understand their benefits, they lay the groundwork for future communication.