We are passionate benefits communication specialists.

30 years of effective benefits communication
from Fortune 500 to small business

Allow BeneCom to Deliver Competitive Advantage to Your Practice Through Exceptional Benefits Communication for Your Clients


Partnering with BeneCom will allow you to improve and expand deliverables to your clients.  We will help you expand your relationship with existing clients as well as develop new relationships. 

Our value proposition for brokerages and consultancies is summarized as follows…

  • BeneCom has over 30 years’ experience in benefits communication ranging from Fortune 500 to small businesses.  We never lose clients due to dissatisfaction with our delivery.
  • Please check out our client list under the clients tab of this website.  We have terrific references for your review.
  • We have much experience collaborating with brokerages.  We are the preferred provider for benefits communication for several large and small brokerage firms.
  • We know the “rules of the road”.  The clients we serve for you are ultimately your clients, not ours.  We become a totally integrated member of your team.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY…. OUR KEY DIFFERENTIATOR…  Benecom has a proven training program available to your brokers.  This program includes both downloadable instruction materials to help them both understand and sell benefits communication programs as well as an interactive training podcast which we can interact “live” with your staff.  BTW…non-sales folks often join these meetings to learn about benefits communication.

Lastly…Check out our Digital Brochure for Brokers and Consultants by clicking it on below.  

New Digital Brochure:

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