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Benefit Brochures

Employee benefit brochures come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And while the needs of your employees and their families should decide what direction your brochure’s content and design should take, budget realities often tip the scales in the other direction. All you have to do is balance one against the other.

At BeneCom we have the experience to help you find that balance. We’ve worked with hundreds of employers who have been in the same predicament, so we know how to write, design and produce employee benefit brochures that are not only effective media, but won’t tax your budget. A few examples of brochures we’ve produced include:

  • "Highlights" Brochures briefly describe company benefits in layman's terms. Highlights brochures also incorporate company colors, logo, and an executive message to reinforce the company's sponsorship of the plan.
  • Benefits-at-a-Glance Brochures are employee benefit brochures that give employees "just the facts" about a benefit program. A benefits-at-a-glance brochure is a great way to give employees and families a quick overview of their benefit choices.
  • Enrollment Brochures help employees understand benefit options and how complicated plan features work, such as high deductible health plans (HDHPs), health reimbursement or savings accounts.
  • Recruitment Brochures highlight your organization’s business, values, goals and benefits to employment candidates. These brochures are vital tools for recruiting top notch talent at job fairs or on college campuses.
  • New Hire Guides welcome new employees to their new benefit program and help them easily navigate the sometimes complex enrollment process.
  • Customized Brochures are designed to address the multifaceted components of your plan that fall outside the box. These are often designed for targeted wellness or healthy lifestyle campaigns.