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Enrollment Kits

Not all benefit enrollments take place online, so if you’re using a paper enrollment process it should be as cost effective and efficient as possible.

Enrollment kits designed and produced by BeneCom make certain that happens with every kit we produce. To accomplish this we make sure the enrollment kits we develop present information in clear, concise language employees understand. We eliminate redundant forms and condense enrollment materials to the minimum required. And since it’s your plan, our packaging ensures your company’s message and plan sponsorship is prominently displayed and reinforced throughout the kit’s contents. Importantly, using our extensive database of writers, designers and other suppliers, we’ll select the talent and other resources necessary to ensure your materials will meet your budgetary requirements.

For some organizations, cost control is paramount so we’ve also designed a “generic” enrollment kit that will meet the financial requirements of the most cost-conscious, demanding CFO. To the greatest extent possible, benefit options are customized to meet the needs of most benefit managers, but the design, contents and other production specifications are limited. Nevertheless, if cost containment is your objective, talk to us about what our “generic” enrollment kit can offer. You’ll be (pleasantly) surprised.