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30 years of effective benefits communication
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Guaranteed Pricing

Determining the cost of a benefit communications project, whether a simple postcard or an elaborate enrollment campaign, can be challenging, but BeneCom makes it easy.

First, there are no surprises. We charge by the project. There are no open-ended hourly fees, regardless of the amount of time it takes to complete an assignment. Our price for benefit communications includes everything — writing, design, printing, production, collation/fulfillment, distribution and full project management. The only additional charges are for shipping, postage, travel, and any applicable sales taxes.

Then, after specifications have been finalized, our price is guaranteed. If specifications change, we provide revised estimates and get your authorization to proceed before any additional costs are incurred. This way you’ll know exactly what your project is going to cost — up front.

And we are committed to working within your budget. If costs run less than expected, those savings are passed along to you. Well, that is a surprise, but one we think you’ll like.

How much does it cost? Just contact us. Let's find out.