We are passionate benefits communication specialists.

30 years of effective benefits communication
from Fortune 500 to small business


At BeneCom, we know that successful employee benefit newsletters are the ones that are actually read. Whether covering a single topic or several issues and events, employees enjoy the variety benefit newsletters provide. They also like the graphics, photos, colors and layout. From a benefits perspective, newsletters are a welcome change from standard benefits media. As a result, benefit newsletters are an excellent source of news and information for employees and their families.

At BeneCom, we design employee benefit newsletters that readers can easily digest, have an informal tone and describe a situation without unnecessary details or legalese. They also provide insights not readily available from other information sources and offer readers a link to other important benefit plan issues.

Often produced in a format as small as a single 8 1/2” x 11” piece, content will dictate whether a larger format is better suited to readers’ needs.

BeneCom has designed, written and produced employee benefit newsletters to help dozens of employers inform and educate their employees on important benefit-related issues. All are unique in color, style, content and tone. We can do the same for you.