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30 years of effective benefits communication
from Fortune 500 to small business


Whether on DVD or online, BeneCom-produced employee benefit videos are extremely effective benefit communications tools. Our employee benefit videos give you complete control of your message content, tone and delivery through scripting, music, graphics, narration, on-screen personalities (either company officials or professional talent), camera and editing techniques. And because the message BeneCom’s videos deliver is concise and consistent, they are an excellent resource for use in diverse settings, such as employee meetings or new employee orientations. Plus, video is easily distributed and is a great employee “take home” to share with a spouse, or sent to your remote or expatriate population, especially in a DVD format.

BeneCom has also produced employee benefit videos and converted them to be broadcast on-line by some of the nation’s premier employers. We’ve also produced video “commercials” that highlight the features of employers’ healthy lifestyle and wellness programs. These have been televised in cafeterias, break rooms and other common areas to give employees every opportunity to learn the benefits these programs can bring to them — all while having a positive impact on the companies’ benefit costs.