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Total Compensation Statements

How many employees know the real cost of their benefits? How many know how much their employer contributes to the cost of their benefits? How many even realize all that's in their benefits package? Employee total compensation statements change all that.

From multi-page customized formats to one of our economical preformatted "generic" options, clients tell us our employee total compensation statements are one of the most effective tools they have for educating employees about the scope and true cost of their organizations' benefits.

For all options, each statement includes the employee's name and corporate logo (you'll need to provide us with the art file), the scanned signature of the author of the Management message, assorted color combinations you select, text adapted to match your benefit description, and a security window envelope with the employer's name and address printed in the upper left corner.

Effective total compensation statements typically include a letter from Management, a description of every benefit available in the plan, the employee's personal data, and a benefit-by-benefit comparison of the employer's and employee's contribution toward the cost of each benefit.

Generic Total Compensation Statements
Our generic total compensation statements can be produced in any one of a number of formats, including:

Option 1 is one of the most economical total compensation statements on the market. Produced in an 8 1/2" x 11" two-sided, full color format, the front of every employee's statement includes a brief letter from Management, the employee's personal data, and a benefit-by-benefit report showing the employer's contribution toward the cost of each benefit — including statutory benefits — compared to the employee's contribution. The back of the statement provides a brief description of every benefit available in the plan. An optional pie chart that gives a graphic overview of each benefit's value is also available.

Option 2 may be the answer for employers wanting to give employees more detailed benefits information. This 8 1/2" x 14" (legal size) full color statement provides the same vital cost comparison data as Option 1 plus specific enrollment information such as medical plan elections, individualized life insurance amounts and more, but in a unique, double-fold landscape format. Using both the front and back of the statement allows for a benefits description that effectively emphasizes the value your benefits provide.

Option 3 starts as an 11" x 17" sheet that's then folded to an 8 1/2" x 11" bifold to produce an easy to read, attractive full color report. Of course, a message from Management and all the necessary benefit and cost information is included, so employers wanting to inject a bit more pizzazz into their total compensation statements will find this format a very attractive alternative. Option 3 is also ideal for including an optional pie chart or bar graph to illustrate vividly the value benefits play in each employee's overall compensation package.


Customized Total Compensation Statements
In addition to our generic benefit statement options, clients may choose to do a highly-customized statement format in any size. These statements are custom designed to complement and coordinate with the company's current benefits materials, and can include more complex variable information.